“अब बेच, मत फेक”

Why Wait? Start selling scraps.

The KABADI.COM is est. In 1st of AUG 2017 we are working in Ranchi AND Jamshedpur. The is an unit of JUNK SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. We collect door to door all kind of scrap like news paper, carton, books, copy, iron, tin, plastic, e-waste, metal, tyers etc. Which should be recycled, THE KABADI.COM enters into online/offline scrap market. In our team 50 members work with us. More than thirty one thousand customers join with us. We also promote and help to “SWACH BHARAT MISSION”.

We provide smart collection, transpiration, disposal,

Solving a  junk solution problem THE KABADI.COM is off-line/on-line scrap market we are providing a platform for our customer to book an order  by the call as well as form our website. We have verified and arrive to customer doorstep as per the scheduled time our team members will be armed with eco- friendly carry bags and an  electronic weighing machine.

Innovative organization – THE KABADI.COM is an innovative organization providing the facility for people to sell their waste scrap. We provide the easiest way to people to sell his waste scrap at their doorstep household, offices, institutions, school etc after buy this scrap dispose and further supply to authorized recycling center. Ensuring safety sustainability

Easy sell out process

Actual weight & rate

Quick service

Our Service- We are moving door to door and purchase all scrap products like news paper , cartoon, book,  copy, iron, plastic, e-waste, tyre etc. Which  should be recycled and pay huge amount to customer. Weight by DIGITAL MACHINE. We buy authorized  digital weighing machine so our customer always satisfied.

Actual rate waste material is different- different type so we buy a according our rate chart. Our honesty staff members in our organization all team members honesty and eco- friendly and we also maintain the transparency this is best policy our achievement. While people book an order by the call or website arrive schedule time.

TO CREATE AWARNESS- Our all team members aware to customer for recycling own wastage. Promote and help to SWACH BHARAT MISSION.  We save environment and pollution. We buy old junk materials. We clean house, apartment, city &world clean India digital India. 


Our Testimonials

What Our Customer's Say About Us

"Scrap selling is very easy today i sell out domestic scrap i earn 6700 rs good."

Mukesh Jaiswal

“Their service is very good in Ranchi..They give right value of scrap and Dandi ka bhi koi issue ny hai.. Best service."

Kumari Dolly

"This service is helpful for scrap selling process price is low but weight is properly right thank you kabadiwala team."

Neha Jaiswal

"Good service in Ranchi we are satisfied this service we recommend that sell your scrap actual weight."

Indrasen Bhagat





4500 MT


2500 MT